DARC SIDE seeks to share our passion for STEM with our community. Below are our efforts to share and educate our larger community.

Museum of Life and Science: DARC SIDE is exited to start working with the Museum of Life and Science to help inspire the future generations. We hope to visit the museum at least once a year to show our hard work and get kids (and parents) exited about the opportunities that come from engineering. You can visit the Museum of Life and Science’s website here.

Wonder Connection: Our team worked with Wonder Connection, a local organization who work to bringsscience to kids in the UNC children’s hospital and neurosciences unit. One way they do this is by making fun science kits and instructional videos for the kids. DARC SIDE had a day where team memebers went through these kits and worked to improve them. We offered our comments to help make the kits as fun and educational as possible for the kids Wonder Connection supports.