Our robot for FIRST Power Up, Dropkick, did very well this season, winning one district event as well as recieving the Quality and Innovation in Control Awards. We were also finalists at the state championship and alliance captains at the world championship in Houston. Our unique cube launching solution went through many iterations. Originally only designed to launch cubes into the lower objectives, we ended up designing it to be able to launch cubes over 6 feet into the air to reach the scale.


  • 6-CIM drivetrain capable of not only speeds up to 15 feet/sec, but also pushing other robots across the field
  • Versatile intake which can receive cubes in any orientation automatically by use of an IR sensor
  • Pneumatic cube launching mechanism which can fire cubes into switch, scale, and exchange
  • Motion profile based autonomous capable of 1 cube in the switch or 2 cubes in the scale
  • 8 air tanks for maximum pipe organ aesthetic