UNC Asheville

Our UNC Asheville competition was our first of the season. We started off with lots of coding and mechanical bugs, but instead of putting our head down and admitting defeat, we played to the best of our ability. Throughout the competition, we improved drastically and ended up being picked by the 7th alliance as their third pick. Although we lost both playoff games, we used what we learned to improve our robot for our next competition.

UNC Pembroke

UNC Pembroke started much like UNC Asheville with some coding bugs but we quickly fixed them. Once those bugs were fixed, we started winning more and more matches, some that we didn’t even think were possible. We ended up being ranked 6th overall and were the first pick in alliance selection. Unfortunately, we lost in the Semi-Finals to alliance 2 and then lost again in the losers bracket. However, we won the Quality Award at the end of the tournament. Although we didn’t make it to the finals, we used what we learned at UNC Asheville and got enough points to qualify for states.

NC State Championship

For the final tournament of our season, we had the honor to participate in the State Championship. Our first day went incredibly well, with us winning the majority of our matches and being ranked 4th place in the state. While our second day didn’t quite go as well as the first, we ended up inside the top ten. After that, we had the honor of being a team captain and lead our team into the knockout rounds. Unfortunately, our robot took significant damage and was unable to continue the first match. After this, our alliance unfortunately narrowly missed out on the next round. However, at the end of the tournament, we were presented with the Judges Choice Award. Overall, it was a very educational and special experience which demonstrated our tremendous progress throughout the season. We look forward to next season where we hope we can do even better.

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