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Fundraising Presentation

This past Friday, our Fundraising team embarked on a journey to BPL. After a treacherous encounter with parallel parking, the team of four made it to the facility in downtown Durham. Ella, Emily, Tate, and Bobby were welcomed in by Mr. Rossilli, the US President and Chief Commercial Officer of the organization. The group began to set up and immediately met with some trouble. For a group of STEM- oriented students, the last problem you expect to encounter is wifi trouble, but it was truly calm after the storm. The presentation was smooth sailing from there on out as the teams representatives informed the employees of BPL of our plans for the season. At the end, the team engaged in a short Q&A session, thoroughly impressing their audience. After a plethora of handshakes and hand sanitizer the team exited with excitement. The fab four returned back to school triumphantly!